Our team of passionate and committed individuals has expertise in all areas of our business. We are continuously looking for new, efficient approaches to how we operate. We have a passionate innovation for everything we do. This belief that “the failure to try is worse than failure in trying” is just one of our values that forms the foundation of how we work together as a community with the shared goal of bringing important new medicines to patients.

Our work environment is challenging, motivating, rewarding, and designed to foster innovation and scientific excellence, and our success is a direct result of our outstanding team.

Employees work for a company. Citizen-Owners work as a community.

It’s the people that make Infinity a special kind of company. We believe that creating value starts, first and foremost, with our team. As Citizen-Owners, or team members, each individual has an important role in the company and the entire company moves forward because of our collective efforts. Everyone is hands-on and comfortable with sharing ideas and opinions.  We believe our values are critical to advancing development candidates that have the potential to make a meaningful difference in patients’ health, well-being and lives.