“We are relentlessly pursuing excellence – daring to believe that a cure can be a reality.” 

With Dedication to this Mission – We are focused on bringing significantly better treatments to cancer patients and are therefore data-driven with the goal of maximizing patient benefit. How we collaborate is essential to our overall success so, as a team, we are committed to living our core values every day:

Integrity – We are a selfless, focused team that values keeping our word and always doing the right thing.

Humor and Fun – We celebrate wins big or small and embrace having fun, using levity to de-escalate stressful or high-pressure situations and enable the development of the best solutions.

Ownership and Accountability – Everyone is a leader at Infinity. We delegate tasks and empower others to succeed, while also working to address issues individually and collectively to ensure positive future results.

Empathy for Each Other – We are a compassionate and kind community, always understanding of the challenges people may experience inside and outside of work and offering support to help them succeed. We value and listen to what others have to say, always assuming good intent.

Open and Honest Communication – We encourage all individuals to speak up, challenge the status quo and share their opinions, understanding that constructive dialogue and feedback is not only helpful, but critically important to our collective success and, therefore, appreciated.

Courage and Perseverance Through Challenges – We support taking informed and educated risks, being innovative, having the courage to go outside our comfort zones, and leading by example.

Trust in Yourself and Others – Infinity is a company that is all about mutual respect, trusting in one another’s competency and expertise so people can best do their jobs, while at the same time transparently challenging others to be the best they can be.