We are relentlessly pursuing excellence – daring to believe that a cure can be a reality.

Our ability to realize our mission of bringing important new medicines to patients is dependent on the intellectual curiosity and passion for innovation of every person at Infinity. We also believe that sustainable innovation can only flourish in a community that supports and appreciates the inspired action of individuals working collectively toward a common goal. How we collaborate is essential to our overall success, and so we are committed to living our core values every day:

Diversity: We embrace and pursue diversity as a source of creativity and innovation.

Citizenship: We prize and recognize individual excellence and enable it in the context of overall team success.

Passionate Innovation: We view the failure to try as worse than failure in trying.

Transparent Communication: We enable and reward the sharing of knowledge and view withholding it as socially unacceptable.

Mutual Respect: We check our titles and degrees at the door at the beginning of every discussion; view the correctness of an idea, not its originator, as the source of its value; and, at the end of the discussion, jointly own the best idea.

Social Responsibility: We consider and debate the ethical implications of our scientific and business goals and practices before acting.

Integrity: We believe that creating value for patients is the fundamental basis for creating value for shareholders.