Professional Development

Professional development is a top priority at Infinity because we believe that your continual professional growth is essential to our success as a company. We expect and encourage you to make tangible contributions, collaborate with peers across the company to identify and solve problems, and pursue new challenges that build on what we’ve achieved so far. At Infinity, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to the company’s success on a daily basis, while achieving your own career goals.

Professional development opportunities present themselves in many different ways, and we encourage you to be creative in your approach to driving your professional growth. At Infinity, we encourage you to participate not only in offsite trainings and seminars, but also to take advantage of the many opportunities at Infinity to grow their skills. These opportunities include leading a project, participating on a cross-functional work team, presenting work to a larger audience or attending one of our many internal training sessions designed to build skills needed for future success. Working at Infinity means learning new skills and taking on new challenges that align with your talents, personal interests and the company’s overall business needs.

Infinity is committed to learning and development, and we are proud of our team and committed to personal growth – our team is the key to our success.