Selected Publications


Keystone Symposia on Molecular and Cellular Biology: PI3K Pathways in Immunology, Growth Disorders and Cancer 

  • Kutok, J. The PI3K-gamma inhibitor, IPI-549, increases antitumor immunity by targeting tumor-associated myeloid cells and overcomes immune checkpoint blockade resistance in preclinical models.



  • Kaneda, M., Messer, K., Ralainirina, N., Li, H., Leem, C., Gorjestani, S., Woo, G., Nguyen, A., Figueiredo, C., Foubert, P., Schmid, M., Pink, M., Winkler, D., Rausch, M., Palombella, V., Kutok, J., McGovern K., Frazer, K., Wu, X., Karin, M., Sasik, R., Cohen, E., Varner J.
  • De Henau, O., Rausch, M., Winkler, D., Campesato, L., Liu, C., Hirschhorn-Cymerman, D., Budhu, S., Ghosh, A., Pink, M., Tchaicha, J., Douglas, M., Tibbitts, T., Sharma, S., Proctor, J., Kosmider, N., White, K., Stern, H., Soglia, J., Adams, J., Palombella, V., McGovern, K., Kutok, J., Wolchok, J., Merghoub, T. Overcoming resistance to checkpoint blockade therapy by targeting


  • Tolcher, A., Hong, D., Sullivan, R., Mier, J., Shapiro, G., Pearlberg, J., Brail, L., Lee, L., Han, L., Dansky Ullman, C., Stern, H., Wolchok, J. A phase 1/1b first-in-human study of IPI-549, a PI3K-γ inhibitor, as monotherapy and in combination with an anti-PD-1 antibody in subjects with advanced solid tumors.
  • Rausch, M., Tchaicha, J., Tibbitts, T., De Henau, O., Sharma, S., Pink, M., Gladstone, J., Proctor, J., Douglas, M., Stern, H., Merghoub, T., Wolchok, J., McGovern, K., Kutok, J., Winkler, D. The PI3K-γ inhibitor, IPI-549, increases antitumor immunity by targeting tumor-associated myeloid cells and remodeling the immune-suppressive tumor microenvironment.

ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters

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American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting 2016

  • Henau, O., Merghoub, T., Winkler, D., Sharma, S., Pink, M., Tchaicha, J., Rausch, M.,  Proctor, J., Kosmider, N., Soglia, J., Palombella, V.,  Kutok, J., Wolchok, J., McGovern, K. Checkpoint Blockade Therapy is Improved by Altering the Immune Suppressive Microenvironment with IPI-549, a Potent and Selective Inhibitor of PI3K-gamma, in Preclinical Models


American Association for Cancer Research Inaugural International Cancer Immunotherapy Conference 2015

  • Kutok, J., Ali, J., Brophy, E., Castro, A., DiNitto, J., Evans, C., Faia, K., Goldstein, S., Kosmider, N., Lescarbeau, A., Liu, T., Martin, C., McGovern, K., Nair, S., Pink, M., Proctor,J., Rausch, M., Sharma, S., Soglia, J., Tchaicha, J., Tremblay, M., Walsh, K., White, K., Winkler, D., Palombella, V. The Potent and Selective Phosphoinositide-3-Kinase (PI3K)-γ Inhibitor, IPI-549, Inhibits Tumor Growth in Murine Syngeneic Solid Tumor Models through Alterations in the Immune Suppressive Microenvironment