Our success balances on the shoulders of our Citizen-Owners. Hear their perspectives about life at Infinity.

Paul Melone

Director, Information Technology

The Infinity community is unique in that it gives each individual the feeling that we are in this together and together we will succeed. Leading two very “hands on” services departments – IT and Facilities – I try to bring a resolution to every task and a smile to every colleague that I encounter throughout the day. Interacting with everyone in the company is the part of my day-to-day life that I most enjoy.

Brenda O'Connell

Research Associate Director, Translational Science

My role is to help provide the scientific rationale for advancing our PI3K-gamma selective inhibitor, IPI-549 as a novel immuno-oncology agent for the treatment of solid tumors. I work closely with other members of the Infinity team to ensure we are giving IPI-549 its best chance for success. These analyses not only help us understand the mechanism of action of IPI-549 with respect to changes in the tumor immune microenvironment, but may also help shape the future of IPI-549 by revealing potential markers of patient response, resistance, or potential novel combination strategies. Although my role with the company has evolved in step with its needs, the thing that has always made Infinity unique has not changed: its culture. Infinity’s emphasis on achieving its goals while maintaining a culture of mutual respect in the process is what makes it both a scientifically rewarding and fun place to work.

Rossitza Alargova

Director, Pharmaceutical Development

Infinity is a small company with a big mission, so each day I try to identify areas where I can contribute by sharing knowledge or offering a helping hand. We find that serious tasks are completed more efficiently with a smile on our faces, so I try to stay cool and ensure decisions are made based on clear understanding of the available data and following a mutually agreed path forward. It is wonderful to work with nice people that share the same passion as mine for discovering and developing of novel medicines to fight “the emperor of all maladies,” cancer, no matter how hard it is.

Kiley Grant

Senior Accounting Manager

Infinity’s spirited culture helps foster a start-up mentality and promotes cross-functional collaboration. The relationships built during company team events, including weekly socials, keep lines of communication open and helps me achieve my goal of providing timely and accurate financial work product.